Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Seriously! Some peoples kids!

Ugh. Need I say more?

Not really.

Now, I am one for saying some pretty ridiculous things. Like ABSURD.

So when people say things to me, that make me think you're crazy, we've got a real problem on our hands.

Lately I've been getting all sorts of crazy comments about my height.
I am not THAT tall for a girl. 5'8 I've always thought that was pretty average. Until I read a study on the elevator that says average height for girls is 5'4. But seriously, that's SHORT!

I've always wanted to be about 5'10. I'm a basketball player. I like height.
I am not so good at the top of the key, so gaurd was never my style. I like it down under ;) so height is a must. I guess now that I am not playing sports anymore it doesn't really matter. I like my height.

I was in the elevator with a very short woman. Probably 4'10. She looks up at me as if I'm a giant and says "wow, you're tall" No maam, you're just REALLY short.

I get called Giantess--However I have a friend Mallorie(love you Mal) but I always call her the Giantess. She's 6'0. I am a shorty pants compared to her.

I just thought it was really funny when that short lady today commented on my height. Maybe she should go stand next to Mallorie. ha.

The other week a guy told me that his "type" was 5'4-5'7 and that I was too tall by an inch, but he might be able to make an exception. Ha. I don't need your exception dear. I don't want to date you anyways. :)


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Liz said...

All I can say is... "SOME PEOPLES KIDS!!" ha ha... a true caption of how I currently feel...