Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Textual Relations....

ha, okay maybe Mallorie was right.
That does sound slightly wrong. ha.
I love it.
I love texting. I do it all the time. It's one of the easiest and cheapest ways to communicate with my friends from school in the States.
Texting is tricky. You can NOT have a serious convo via texting as one or both parties might not take the text in the right context(which usually opens up a whole new can of problems)
I am a girl. Obviously. I over react. I have been known to take a text or two out of context and blow it completely out of porportion-hence the reason I try not to text late at night. I tend to be more emotional late at night.
At any one given time I am engaged in half a dozen textual convos(on going texts that last all day, for several days) As of right now I have 6 that are of the opposite sex. You try balancing that. I think I have texted the wrong text to more than one guy at one time. *clearly the wrong text* I seem to roll out of it pretty nicely tho.
I remember having a convo with one of my friends about how some people are better off socializing in cyber space and not in real life. Harsh? yes. Bold statement? Yes. Well, this weekend one of my textual relationships came to real life(it's mainly textual because he lives on the coast) but he was here visiting for the weekend, and thought that him and his buddies would look me up. I'm glad they did. I had fun with them. We stayed up late playing 'what if' , making milkshakes, going to football(I watched), making pizzas, watching friends and having sphagetti dinner.
I had a good weekend, got no sleep, but I guess that's why it was so good. Anyways, so Josh(we'll call him Josh) and I bicker. Alot. Now something everyone who knows me, knows ABOUT me is that I am sarcastic. I can dish it. But. I can NOT take it..one bit. Josh, Josh dishes it out and dishes it out hardcore, so when he showed up at my house I half expected that to carry over..but I was rather surprised that it didn't. He was pleasant. However, I realized we have absolutely NOTHING in common when we're not arguing about how amazing I am. ha ha!

Point is, I think I'm going to be dropping my textual relationship with him, and I'm starting to not be able to keep up with all of them and after this weekend I realized he's not high on my priority list. I think I'm going to have to narrow them down even more. By the end of the week I will have my top 3. 3 is a good number isn't it? Now... how do I determine whether or not one of them stays or goes? Is there a textual relationship criteria I should follow to be fair, or do I just pick the 3 most attractive ones? The 3 that give me the most compliments? How should I do this?

Suggestions greatly appreciated.



TheSinglesWard said...

AHAHAHA Oh Lachele... Now that Ryan is single... hahaha

Lachele said...

Best day of my life! Seriously I'm inlove with Ryan secretly! Maybe I should make him one of my textuals huh? Haha