Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I want to blog.

This morning when I woke up I wanted to blog. I don't really have anything to blog about tho.


- I went to lunch with Kait and Ruthie on Saturday. Kait took the kids to this 'family' day thing at COP. She didn't really know what it was so she just took the kids for some face painting, petting zoo, and fun things. Once she got there she realized it was a fundraiser for a fertility clinic. HA. So, as a present from Ruthie at lunch she gave me a fertility bracelet. *I just got the shivers as I typed that* I will not be needing that anytime soon, however it's a safe place for when I will... ha!

- I met two of the funniest, cutest boys ever on Sunday(wahoo) They're both moving to Australia for a year next week to start a business(boo) just my luck.

- I had so much fun with Layla this weekend. She moved here from Seattle this week and we had a blast all weekend. I'm glad she was around, she kept me pretty sane.

- I'm going to a movie with Nick tonight. I forgot until just now that tonight is One Tree Hill night. I don't have a PVR. I really need this PVR'd so if any of you are reading this and want to PVR it for me, I will make you dinner if you let me come over and watch it. I'm a good cook. Promise.

- I'm only wearing my leg brace half of the time(only to work) and as a result of not wearing it any other time I am constantly on pain medication.

- Now that I know I can do things without my leg brace I am less likely to wear it more regardless of the pain, I'm just probably going to take more medication.

- I drove a motorized scooter at Walmart the other night that Brett made me have because I was such a slow walker.

- I lost my fave necklace.

- I really want some new basketball shoes, but can't justify buying them. Clearly.

- Jaylene comes back from the Yukon sometime this week, and that makes me happy.

- Troy got his mission call(previous post) but I am so excited/sad about it.

- I miss my family.

- I can't wait for thanksgiving.

- I'm going to the gym tonight before I go to the movie with Nick.

- I've actually debated cancelling the movie with Nick tonight if I can't find anyone to PVR- One Tree Hill.

- I need to watch Season 7 OTH so that I stop asking Saren who all the new kids are.

- I really want to move around my room, I need a change.

- I've really loved listening to Christmas music lately.

- Secretly I'm not sad that it's fall, and that it's getting cold.

- I just bought a new tanning lotion. 11x bronzer! I love it!

- I really need a PVR, so I can watch One Tree Hill- Guys, I'm seriously stressed out about this.


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