Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Season.New Goals.New CLOTHES!!

I love Summer. Swimming. Sun. Patio’s. BBQ’s. Shorts. Swimsuits. Bon Fires. Summer Loves. Snuggling on the Trampoline. Lakes. Boating. Star Gazing. Aloe Vera Lotion. Sunrises. Sunsets.

Those are some of the reasons I love summer. My summer fun was cut short this year, but you better believe I still was able to get most of those things on the list crossed off more than once ;) a few of them a hundred times over!

So, as sad as I am to say goodbye to Summer, I am welcoming the fall with open arms(mainly because it’s felt like fall here for a few weeks) so I might as well embrace it. I’m in love with Fall. With the Colors. With the cool crisp air. Layering my clothes. With snuggling on the Tramp when it’s freezing under 1000 blankets. I’m in love with seeing my breath when I breath. Football games. Having my nose and toes freezing while the rest of my body is warm. Hot Chocolate.

I’ve never been good with long term goals. I need to be able to see some sort of result, or reward in my near future or my goals fizzle out fast. ,and with me things tend to go in every direction I CAN’T imagine so I can never prepare for them. Every seasonal change, is a time to revamp my goals for the upcoming ‘semester’.

-Take an institute class. I was suppose to graduate like two years ago, however when I found out I was going to graduate I stopped going(therefore not receiving enough credits to graduate) and I just haven’t had time to take one since. Sad huh.

**That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. I think it’s a pretty good start**

Hmmm, I just got really excited for layering my clothes, and for hot chocolate with marshmallows and cuddling in the cold. Is it bad that I want fall to come even faster?


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