Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CLS Lady

At work I have to sometimes call for test results on patients after I book lab for them prior to us seeing them, so I spend a fair amount of time on the phone with CLS(Calgary Lab Services) I usually talk to the same few people all the time, so we’ll banter back and forth a little making small talk. Well this one lady A who is sooo sweet always makes convo with me. She realized she hadn’t talked to me for three weeks in August(cause I was off work with my knee injury) and asked me if I was on vaca. I told her what happened, she told me I was crazy.. We were talking and she was telling me about it then out of the blue she asks if I have facebook? She asked if she could add me so she could put a name to the face, and so I could check out her pics if I wanted.. ha ha I told her to add me and this was the following convo we had.

A-Don’t be alarmed if an old woman is adding you.
Me- You’re not that old like 35?(she sounds so young)
A-Ha, no 49. I had kids that are 21 and 25.
Me- Well, I’m 24.
A-Shut the front door, really? I have a son you should meet, check out my fb if you think he’s cute I’ll hook you up!!

Great, so what do I do? Ha ha. If he’s not cute(not that that’s the only deciding factor) and I don’t want to go out with him will she be offended? I didn’t want to tell her that I have rules about dates and that I don’t do blind dates, and I just don’t go out with guys that I don’t know anything about (because my time is valuable;). She’d think I’m a jerk(which I guess I am, so I deserve it right) I should just tell her I’m really werid, and never have anything in common with guys and that he probably wouldn’t like me. HA. I haven’t really met many guys that think it’s soooo *hot* that a girl loves sports as much as he does. So if any of you know a guy that likes a girl that loves sports, and is athletic send him my way ;) ha

So, what do I do? Do I add her and check out her son? Or do I just pretend I never go on facebook and when she asks me if I’ve added her I say I just haven’t been on yet, or do I just say I’m not interested in her son, and have it be wicked awkward when I call to get test results on my patients?



Ryan @ TheSinglesWard said...

You already know how I feel about sports, but I say you totally add her and go on a "date" with said boy. He's worth at least checking out, right.

Lachele said...
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Lachele said...

haha this is true.
I do know how you feel about them.

See, that's the thing, if he was worth checking out..this wouldn't be a problem. No guy is ever a garuntee, and the fact that I know NOTHING about him makes me even more leary.