Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hypochondriac much?

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a pretty big hypochondriac and I became even more so after I started working at the Cancer Centre. I use to be so worried that I had every type of Cancer, and as I would go thru referrals and would compare what that person had, to things that I had, and I automatically assumed that meant I had cancer. Trust me, some of the Doc’s I work with would run in the opposite direction when they saw me cause I was just out of control.

Now I know I’ve blogged about some people that I work with before. But this was just too funny to pass up! I was talking to one of the girls I work with and she had this all natural organic lip balm, and we were commenting on it and then the tangent begun! She loves watching Dr. Oz and Dr. Oz told her that she should stop wearing lipstick and un organic lip balms because there was just sooo much petroleum in them(true) so she dropped everything she was doing to go buy some organic stuff(true P fashion). Straight faced as she could looked at us and was all “with all the lipstick the average American wears they’re consuming 7lbs of gas a year” HA! I just love this girl. When we argued that she sits in traffic for HOURS a week breathing in gas she really had nothing to say. ;)

-Then she was talking about how she wanted to start wearing a facemask EVERYWHERE she went because she read somewhere that when you take a breath it will travel once around the world and you’ll breath it back in a year later- Then she would take a breath and say “I breathed this in a year ago” haha and she did that like 4 times.

-THEN(there’s more) she was reading a study once about breast milk and about how women who lives in seclusion and women that live in the city have the same toxin levels in their milk, so that really there is no point to living a secluded lifestyle cause there were no benefits….(cause clearly she wants more kids and this is a huge concern for her)

-Lastly, she switched to a liquid foundation because Dr. Ox said that loose mineral make up is really bad for the lungs, and it will give you cancer(what doesn’t give you cancer these days). He compared it to a person who works with mixing concrete and how they’re more likely to get cancer because of all of the concrete powder they breath in. I didn’t know mineral make up was like cement but apparently it is ;) Good thing I don’t wear foundation! Guess I won’t get lung cancer because of my awesome skin! Thanks mom and dad ;) ha ha

I can’t imagine not having P in out dept. She is seriously one of the funniest people ever! The things that come out of her mouth are jaw dropping. I learned a lot from her today.


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