Sunday, September 12, 2010

few and far between

So I think I've been doing a pretty good job of being happy the last little while.

But now I'm getting frustrated. I've blogged only two other times in the last 6 weeks about how frustrated I am, and then I've gone and deleted them. So, this one will probably stay up long enough for a few to read it, then think I'm some sort of baby.

I've always known how much my life revolves around being active, and playing sports. I forgot about how much I HATED being laid up from the last time I got hurt, remember the last time? I got smashed up in a car one day? Yah that was fun!

Last time you say? HA, yes this happens to me quite a bit. My friend and I figured out that every year on the years ending with 0, and ending with 5 something happens to me and I get hurt. It also seems like I get hurt when I need to learn a lesson. I guess that's Heavenly Fathers way of being funny. I'm blessed with the trial of getting hurt whenever I'm being a brat and need to be straightened up. You'd think I would have learned the first time...but nope. Here I am again. I've learned my lesson. Really, I have. So do you think that tomorrow when I wake up I'll magically be healed and the last 6 weeks won't have happened? or do I need to make a deal with the devil? Because seriously, it's getting to the point where I might start considering it!

I had big plans for 2011...and for turning 25(ugh) and now most of those plans have been changed to nursing a busted leg, and not going on as many vaca's. Rude. Well looks like I'll just have to jam pack everything into the short amount of time after my leg gets better.

Point, is I'm frustrated and done with this busted leg business...
I just want to play football,basketball and volleyball again. Oh ya, I never thought I'd miss training for a triathlon, but I do.


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