Monday, September 13, 2010

Stake Conference!

Calgary Temple

So, I love stake conference.. I don't know why I love it SOO much, but I just do.

This weekend was no exception. The theme of this conference was on the Temple. Alot of the talks focused on how we can prepare to have the Temple in Calgary.

I'm grateful for the Temple, and the fact that I've always lived relatively close to one, and I'm so stoked that there's going to be one in the same city as me. I haven't lived in the same place as a Temple since I lived in Salt Lake and Provo.

I remember when the annoucement was made that Calgary would be getting a Temple, I put my Temple bag in my jeep and was like woohoo, I can go during the week, I can go lots of times a week, I can do all these things, not realizing that it needed to be built. P.S My bag is still in the back of my jeep, and it's been a year and a half since the annoncement. ;) I'm just that excited.

Yesterday, I couldn't stop singing 'I love to see the Temple'.


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