Wednesday, September 15, 2010

25 random things

I found this on my facebook, I think that I have posted this before, but it really made me laugh, so I'm reposting it!

1. I sucked my thumb til I was 9

2.I've had 5 cars since I was 16(not cause I'm a bad driver tho) :)

3.I have this white baby blanket that I absolutely can NOT sleep without. I've slept with it every single night of my life...even when I travel... and I just don't care what anyone says anymore

4.I have 12 stitches on my left temple because I cracked my head open when I was 6ish

5.I have natrually nice blemish free skin, I don't use anything, and when I actually do get any sort of zit I cry and my life is over.... its cause I'm not use to it ok.

6.I pretend not to know I have really nice hair, and when people compliment me on it, I always act like I've never heard it before, but I know I do......

7.These are my natrual bright blue eyes.... I don't use contacts, I laugh when people tell me they pay extra to have their eyes look like mine....suckers!

8. I loooooove my family and should really play with them more often!

9.From the time I was 18-23 I had the WORST birthdays ever.....and I always have nightmares about my birthdays sucking....

10.I almost cut my thumb off when I was little. I still have a scar from it.

11. I use to pretend I was buffy the vampire slayer in like grade 5 and I made my dad make wooden stakes, and I put "holy" water in pill viles. I would run down my back alley with melissa and my sister chasing vampires at night during the summer... ha ha....

12. I pretend ALOT/ I'm a good story embellisher....not a liar....embellisher!(sp)

13.I played the clarinet in jr. high and got made fun of.

14. My first car was a 1981 Oldsmobile regalty it was 21 feet long( I swear) it had heated leather seats and a sun roof......"touch of class" We took it to grad in gr.12 and we fit 4 girls with 4 puffy dresses and 4 boys somehow managed to fit in there somehow too....

15. I was never allowed to take said car on the highways because it was so unreliable and would just turn off whenever it wanted to....haha....but I always took it to lethbridge....(sorry mom, don't tell dad) ha ha!!

16. I use to have dress up nights with my friends in highschool and we would dress up like the most randomest things ever and ALWAYS go to ha ha....

17.One random night when I was in grade 11 the night before grad we dressd up, and well.... the next day for grad I couldn't get the make up off..... Clown Lachele.

18.Amber, Lauren and I got chased by little native kids in Cardston while we were waiting for our football game to start...they chased us into Dairy Queens bathrooms....I still think about that everytime I go to Cardston

19. Lane and I would always go on stalking missions around taber, or just park in the stake center parking lot and talk, then scare ourselves thinking someone was watching us...when really no one was there.

20.I held out hope Santa was real until I was like 13...... ha ha....

21. I've been scuba diving for the last 12 years since I was 12

22.I'm pretty funny when I have people to feed off of.... Saren...Jayci...laura hochstein

23.I use to make up interpretive dancing rountines on the trampoline when I was younger and have preformaces and hold auditions for the kids in the neighbourhood.....there was like 5 of us!

24. I don't know who 80% of my family is, and that makes me really sad..... they could be walking past me anywhere and I wouldn't even know!

25.I'm always getting hurt. There is ALWAYS always something wrong with me.


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