Monday, August 16, 2010


My way good friend Ash is just too stinkin good to me. She offered to do a 'lent' with me, so I didn't have to give up foods alone. We are going to give up certain things for 40 days, and the goal is after the 40 days I just won't want it anymore.

Day 1.
I am giving up:
-All soda(diet and not)
-Processed/packaged food
-Sugar(junkfood, fast food)

Pretty much anything that is not whole foods, or fresh I will NOT be putting in my body.

I have this book called the eat clean diet book. It's not a 'diet' book it's a book teaching you how to eat whole foods, so that you're eating the cleanest foods ever. This is supose to help you lose weight, and to help you stay healthy and strong.

Think of being healthy and losing weight as a pie. 10% of the pie is genetics, 10% is exercise and EIGHTY % is nutrition. That's alot. It's also VERY very comforting to know that me being a girlie who can't work out for awhile can still work out and lose weight. I think my goal is just to not GAIN anymore weight. I think it's totally feasable for me to lose if I make sure and follow the 'whole food' way of eating.

I highly recommend this book as a read fot abone who is struggling. It teaches you alot about food, and the types of foods to put together while making a meal.

Let me know if you have any questions.



birdette said...

mmmmmmmmm pie.

Lachele said...

Ha pie isn't my weakness....thankgoodness!