Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hairy legs

Hairy legs are sick.

Like really sick.

They freak me out! Ugh. more than you know.

So you can guess how grossed out I get when I look down and I notice that it has been a WEEK a WHOLE WEEK since I've shaved my legs. Like literally a week and an hour ago(I did it right before I left to go play football) Well every night I lay down and I take off my brace to let my leg breath a little bit and because my leg has been really dry and so it's itchy and when it itches it bleeds... therefore I have sores on my legs. It's gross. I hate it. So after my shower today, Kait looked down and was disgusted by the color of my leg(a weird tanned,purple,dark color) and was like uhhh this doesn't look good. I told her my legs were dry and she offered to rub lotion on them because I can't bend down that far right now because my leg is still pretty tight and tender.

Well she thought she was giving services to me by rubbing lotion on my legs, but I'm pretty sure I gave her service by exfoliating her hands.

**You scratch my back, I scratch yours** HA!

Sick. So needless to say we're having a leg shaving party tonight.

I never go past a day, because I like smooth legs so this has been really hard for me. Oyi.

Wish me luck!


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