Monday, August 16, 2010

FiElD tRiP

Now before you get all excited.

It was just a trip to the grocery store.
I never want to do that again.

It was a horrible experience. Ha. Now I knew I was going to get some stares, and some comments, but nothing could have set me up for what I was going to get.

Two people stopped me to tell me stories about other people they knew in blue leg braces before I even got INTO the store. Really? Ugh. I just wanted to get in there and get out.

Three more stopped me, or made comments to me while I was in the store. One of the ladies nieces tore her ACL in December and is getting her MRI on wed. That's 9 months. There is NO way I am waiting 9 months for an MRI. After the MRI is when they determine surgery. Ugh. Really. I already knew all of this. I was just hoping that the timeframe would be me more within the next month and a half. Maybe the surgeon will take pity on me, and move up my OR date. IF I need to get surgery. I still don't even know if I need it. This is soooo frusterating.

I was slightly upset, and instead of having a nervous breakdown in the middle of the produce isle I texted my bff Mallorie. She really made me feel better. Reminding me that each case is different and THAT I need to wait and talk to the Ortho. I've remained pretty positive about this whole ordeal, simply for the fact that I have been feeling really well lately. I have been able to move around, I am not taking nearly as much medication.

No more field trips for me for a little while.
That one took alot out of me.


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Teri said...

Hey lady! I need your email to give you more info!! It will be aprox 250 dollars for a month of food (but this is everything you will be eating except your lean and green that you will pick up yourself at the grocery store... or actually have someone else pick up for you since everyone is stopping you in your store right now :o)) You wont be eating anything else if you are strictly following the program, and you will, because you want to lose weight!
Yes you can get it in Canada. They will have to ship to me in Idaho, then I will have to ship it to you from here, but that wont be a problem we will work it out if you are interested.
Yes you will totally lose weight even though you wont be able to work out. Honestly, this is probably the smartest thing you can do for yourself right now because I know how active you stay, and how important your health and weight are to you.
email me! I will get you more info
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