Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Non knee post-and it's a gooder!

So my blog buddies have seen a pattern with me....
I use to blog alot....then I stopped.....now I blog alot again.
It's always about my knee tho.

So for those of you that don't care about my knee...here's something right up your alley!

The other night I signed into MSN. I use to spend HOURS on MSN in highschool. I rarely go on anymore, like once a year. I have facebook chat now. Who needs MSN?

Well this guy Justin started talking to me. He asked me if I remembered him. I didn't. He must not have been that memoriable. We kept talking. Apparently he was in my ward down in Utah while I was going to school there. We talked and I was getting tired but he wanted to keep talking, so he asked for my number so we could text the next day. I gave it to him. We texted from the time we both woke up, until we went to bed, for a few days. He seemed waaaay cool.

I was talking to my girlie Mallorie and I was telling her about him. He's 29 from Farmington, and he is an X-Ray Tech. She starts to laugh. That sounds super familiar. A few months ago she hooks up with a guy from Farmington who is 29 and an X-Ray Tech and his name is Justin too. HA!

She tells me he's crazy, and gross and that I should run. Now, I trust Mal and her 'experience' so I stopped texting him first, and would only give him a few word responses hoping he would get the hint, Hes sure didn't. He started telling me that he liked me, and wanted to hang out with me when I came to Utah next. I didn't tell him that I knew Mallorie right away. Sunday night he was annoying me, and I was talking to her on the phone and she decided she was going to text him and tell him I was her best friend and to back off...So I decided to text him too.

Soon after that I got to see a side of him I hadn't yet, and a side he just finished telling me didn't exist. Apparently Mal didn't call him after their late night Denny's makeout(ha sorry Mal, I had to add that) so he was a little bitter, and hurt and had nothing but nasty things to say. He had the nerve to tell me that if I 'wanted to EVER talk to him again, that I had to give up her' HA! are you kidding me. My bestfriend vs. some guy who says werid things that I don't even remember meeting yet was in my ward for a full year. HA! I made sure to let him know that he should feel privilaged to be talking to me, not the other way around.(I'm slightly narcasistic, therefore think that everyone that I hang out with should be lucky) ha ha... okay I'm not that bad. But who did this guy actually think he was? He was socially awkward, and from what I could tell he had no friends. ha! poor little fricker

Mallorie saved my life. I could have been killed by this creep(okay not really) midget was barely taller than I am(turn off 1), he always talked about how he didn't have many friends(turn off 2) and after Mal, told me he was a horrible kisser, and super werid that did it for me(turn off 3)

He was pissed at Mal for ruining his chances with me. Chances I wasn't even planning on giving him, because I just thought he was cool. I didn't want to marry him.

By the end of this, I was laughing my head off, and he was pissed. So pissed that he said he'd 'give me one more chance' to choose him, and when I didn't he started telling me that if I was friends with a crazy then I must be crazy to(which I am ha ha) that he was done with me!

Now that, that comic relief is out of my life I don't know what else to do with my time. Any suggestions?



* Mallorie * said...

way to air my dirty laundry hahahaha

Lachele said...

Haha anything for a good blogpost my dear!

Ryan @ TheSinglesWard said...

Dang dryer, aren't you missing a sock Mallorie?

Lachele said...

Atleast she has most of her dignity! And she also helped me keep mine! Ha I owe you big time lady! He's a tool!!

I atleast would have driven myself ;-)