Friday, August 13, 2010

Funniest 5 yr old EVER

So I've been living with a 5 year old for the last few days.
She is seriously sooo funny. It's been pretty cold so she's been laid up inside for the last two days with me, and she has soooo much energy.
Some of the funny things that she's said/done since I've been here are:

--"Auntie Lachele you have beaverfever" -(bieber fever)

-- She just randomly busts out into songs from the radio and sings them sooo loud and knows all the words.

-- She came into the room I am staying in and goes:
"You know that you have to make your bed, Rule is.. you have to make your bed as soon as you wake up. Daddy Guy will be really mad and yell at you"
I reply "Nah Ruthie I think I will be okay"
Her response "Alright, have fun getting yelled at " HA HA!

--Her dad asked her to make her bed and pick up her toys.
she goes "Dad, I made my bed already, and this isn't my mess"
Her Dad "Oh ya Ruth...Who's is it?"-
"It's Auntie Lachele, she made the mess."
"Ruthie, she hasn't gotten up off the couch all day."
"Yah okay, fine it's my mess." ha

We've been playing Dr. and she's been 'teaching' me how to use my crutches and she gives me 'needles' to make the pain go away...then asks me to make her lunch. HA!

This little girl is seriously too smart for her own good. She is sooo stinkin cute and I'm glad that she is home from her dads. I missed her this whole summer.


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