Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 1 and 2

Well... I was a sight for sore eyes.

Most of you who know me, know that I am a very active person. So being laid up in pain not being able to walk is really just not an option for me. Really it isn't. I go crazy. By the time I got home from the Hospital I was already done with this horrible ordeal, but really it was just the beginning. Oh boy. Not going to be fun. I cried a few times because of pain, but I cried a million TIMES because of frusteration.

.I can't sleep on my side.
..I can't just get up and get my own drink..
...I can't roll over from side to side...
....I can't make my own food and carry it to a place that it can be eaten....
....I can't take a bath-I tried... took me 45 minutes and I made it to the edge of the tub, and bawled for 20 minutes because of the FRUSTERATION, not because of the pain.
...I can't go up and down stairs...
..I can't go to the bathroom normally..
.I can't go to the gym.

I was in pretty rough shape. Emotionally and physically.

I tried to call someone to give me a blessing saturday night. Everyone I called with either really far away, or they didn't answer their phones. I couldn't get ahold of anyone just to talk.

I went to church Sunday. I was feeling pretty good. However, BIG BIG Mistake. I really enjoyed the talks, I loved partaking of the sacrament and being around people. The pain was almost too much to handle. I went home and bawled. Took some drugs and passed out. UGH!.

There was a quote in my ward bulletin Sunday that really applied to me.

"As we pass thru Trials of this life,let us keep an eternal perspective,let us not complain,let us become even more prayerful,let us serve others,and let us forgive one another. As we do this all things will work together for good to those of us who love God."

--Elder James Martino

I recieved a blessing after church and it brought great comfort. I am feeling good. I have still cried out of pain, I have cried out of frusteration.

Wish me luck. I still haven't heard from the Orthopedic Surgeon. Let's hope he gets me in sooner rather than later...AND... I get surgery fast. The sooner I get surgery, the sooner I can recover.



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