Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 3 and 4

Well.... Yesterday was off to a HORRIBLE start...and I think Horrible is a complete and UTTER understatement. I woke up in the most excruciating pain I could ever imagine, I barely got ANY sleep at all. I woke up in the middle of the night in alot of pain. One of my girlfriends from Utah is an Ortho Nurse at the Mountain View Hospital in Payson Utah, and so I was talking to her at 2am, bawling my eyes out because of all of the frusteration that I feel.

She made me feel better. Thanks Rianne.
She gave me some really good tips, and told me to take more meds :)

The pain got to the point that I stopped eating and drinking so I wouldn't get up to go to the bathroom, because it was the worst pain ever. I had freezies yesterday. After I took some percocets and slept for a good portion of the day, I felt better, the pain in my knee was localized, and I was able to get up from the couch and make it to the bathroom. (Pretty easily actually) It was a very big accomplishment for me.

.Yesterday I got myself my own drinks.
..I've gone up and down the stairs to my bedroom..
...I've started carrying things I need in a bag, so I can carry things with crutches...
....Today I took a shower. It took me 45 minutes to get the logistics figured out, but I did it ALONE...

This has been a complete 180 turn from yesterday. I feel great! My knee still hurts, I can't put too much pressure on it, but I feel great. I'm not taking any medication so far, and if I do need something I am not going to take percocets.


I'm trying to be independent.
I am trying to keep positive. Something I never did after my car accident. I am NOT going to make the same mistakes with this situation that I did with that one.

This is a prayer in disguise.
Last week... during my morning and night prayers I asked Heavenly Father to help me be more patience, and to help me be more independent. I realized yesterday that by praying for Patience and for Independence he wasn't just going to give me those vitures. He was going to give me opportunities to be patience, and to be independent, and I reallllllly can't think of any better way to accomplish these than having something like this happen to me. I am not as fast as I use to be, and I won't be for a really long time... and I have to be able to do alot of these things on my own. I can't rely on other people to help me do things that I can do on my own(but that just might take a little bit longer.) We'll see how much longer I will think positively about this. Ha.

Well I'm off to be more independent.... Wish me LUCK!



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