Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Half Birthday TO ME!

Happy Half Birthday to ME,
Happy Half Birthday to ME,
Happy Half Birthday dear ME,
Happy Half Birthday to ME!

Thanks right ladies and gents. It is my half birthday today. 6 months ago I turned 24, and in 6 months I turn 25.

Remember how last year I was planning a huge trip for my 24th bday...well that didn't happen OBVI....cause I didn't blog about it(I've been a slacker but not THAT big of a slacker) I am getting better however! BUT I am going on a trip with my Girl Ashley... It's a 25th bday present to me/reward for working my butt off at the gym for the next 6 months!

Last week I was joking with a lady I work with that next week is my half birthday and I'd love a birthday card(since I never got one of my actual birthday) but I did get the BEST cake ever(one of SEVEN cakes that week).

I show up to work this morning with a little purple envelope on my desk. I opened it up to find HALF of a 'thats so raven' birthday card AND then I looked over and had half of a birthday cake.

Freakin made my day!

The first half of my 'birthday year' sucked H-CORE.
Let's hope the second half of my birthday goes a little bit better
.I think it's off to a pretty good start already. AND, I highly doubt anything else could happen that would phase me.



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Sarah C said...

I love the half a birthday card and half a cake! Awsome!