Monday, July 26, 2010

Best weekend ever!

I was starting to feel like 2010 needed to be over.....

This has been a rough year for me and my family.


I haven't had a very good summer, however this last weekend that all changed. I partied with my girlfriends, hung out at the lake, did some swimming, and hung out on a patio all night. It was nothing 'special' but it was good. I've really been avoiding alot of people lately, and I forgot how much I loved being with those girls.

Things are about to change for the better I can just feel it.




Heather said...

Does that mean you're going to start blogging lots again!? Whoop!

Lachele said...

That is exactly what this means!!!!

Ha.... Now that I've come back off my hiatus I need to gather all my faithful followers again!