Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Raises....club med....Masters...OH MY!!!

I was told by some friends on mine that my blogging for the last 3 or 4 months has been sporatic. I really didn’t need them to tell me. They said now I blog 2 or 3 times a month when I would blog 2 or 3 times a DAY! Huge difference.

I am going to definitely try and do better that’s for sure. I’ve been wanting to blog since Sunday, but just haven’t really had the time. I haven’t been feeling well lately- the weather in Calgary sucks hardcore. I haven’t even been to the Stampede yet, and by this time last year I think I had gone EVERY NIGHT! I’ve definitely saved a lot of money that’s for sure! Speaking of money. I just got a raise. Oh yea! WAHOOO!!! It couldn’t have came at a more better time. I am actually going to start my dive training to become a dive master. This sport is not cheap. Thanks to my dad for getting me started- I’ve been diving officially over half my life (as of spring 2010) I started right after I turned 12 and couldn’t have been more excited! I still love it to this day! I want to try and make some money off it now. My plan has always been to move to Australia and dive there for a year, however on the weekend I was talking with this girl Ashley Strachan(who has become one of my fave people ever) [Heb will you please tell her that] and she’s been diving for 6 years. It was refreshing to talk to someone who is a diver and knew what they were talking about, because I’ve met SOOO many people in Calgary who think they are ‘divers’ because they took a resort course in the Bahamas . No offense people(if you’re one of them) but that’s not ACTUAL diving. I’d rather dive with someone who’s had more than two hours of class time and some warm water dives. I like to be safe! Ashley is moving to the Bahamas for the rest of the summer to be a snorkel instructor thru ClubMed—JEALOUS. Bleh. I’ve never really gone and done anything like she has before… HOWEVER that is all about to change. I want to work for ClubMed and be a dive instructor. She was telling me that they’re always looking for dive instructors. Free room and board, free food….mmm and hott boys! I’ll take it!

I need to look more into this—I haven’t really done very much research yet this has been the only thing on my mind for the last few days. I want to take my Dive Master with someone that I trust and whenever I google, or drive past a dive shop in Calgs it’s always a PADI store, and I’m a NAUI diver(it’s just organizations that you belong too) When Ash gets back hopefully she’ll want to get wet, because I’m always looking for more dive buddies. It would be so fun to do my Masters with her.

AHHHH—thinking of that, really makes me not want to be in the career that I am. I want to be in the water! I love the water..

I hope you’re all jealous of me. In 18 months I may or may not be on my way to somewhere warm for a year to instruct. Please feel free to start saving your pennies to come visit me. I would love the company.


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Sarah C said...

I would totally come vist you!

Oh and yea, your blogging as of late has sucked! Just saying... lol