Monday, June 21, 2010

Quiet people...vs Loud people.....

Opposites attract right?

Well I think thats the case between my best friend and I. He is a mute...quietest kid on the block..his brother... 2nd quietest boy on the block. YET, they are best friends with the two biggest LOUD mouths I know. Seriously, I am so loud. BAHHH!

Friday night Tboy and I went on a 'date' to the movies. We went to see Karate kid. It was cute. I started laughing like 5 seconds into it. By the end of the movie my abs hurt. I've always enjoyed Jackie Chan. I think he's freakin hilarious. I bought my dad the shanghi series for christmas one year thinking he liked it(cause we ALWAYS use to watch it together) but apparently he only watched it cause I like it. I really should swipe those dvd's next time I go home. Tboy, his brother and his brothers fiance went to the movie, and the two biggest loud mouths these boys know were BOTH rouring. The two of us were laughing enough for the both of them PLUS us. Seriously, thats how much I liked the movie. That little Smith kid is such a stud. I don't want to ruin the movie for you, but seriously go watch it.

On the way home Tboy and I had this conversation.

T-so...did you like the movie..
L-uhh, of course I did...did you not hear me?
T-well, yes but between you and Juli I couldn't tell who liked it more.
L-Sorry for embarassing you. Didn't you like it? How could you not laugh?
T-I was laughing on the inside(straight face)

haha. BORING. Seriously. Sometimes you just need to bust a gut. Laughing is the funnest thing EVER!

On a side note. These two are only quiet when they don't know you, or are in public. Sometimes I can't get Tboy to shut up, but I'm not complaining.

HE'S DONE SCHOOL IN LIKE 4 HOURS!!! I don't know who is more excited for him to be done school, him or me. I've missed him, and I'm excited to get to play with him for the rest of the summer before he leaves on his mission.


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