Saturday, June 12, 2010



I have some pretty wicked friends....

I have some pretty lame friends....

.Here's to the wicked friends in my life.

Shout out to two of the coolest people ever! A Ging, and an Eric.


Monday night for FHE we did this getting to know you game where we drew the outline of our faces then we had to pass our picture around the circle and everyone added something to it and wrote something NICE on the back of it. Well I thought this would be a pretty rad activity until my picture came back to me--there weren't too many bad things written about me, but I guess some of the guys didn't like the pink chest hair I gave them so they gave my werid eyes, and mad eyebrows and wrote some random things. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out about the whole activity and it made my HATE for FHE and the Love Box grow even more-not kidding.

--there I am.... I thought I was a little more attractive than this, however I guess this is only a face a mother could love..haha!!

Well I went home and got a text from my friend Eric, he knew I was a little pissed and had already had a rough monday(seriously tho who's mondays aren't rough) and he asked me if I liked fruit. Umm yah. I do. Wahooo. He told me to stay up a little past 11. So I did.

I had a shower and just as I was getting out of the shower the doorbell rang. I went upstairs got dressed, and went down to the Ging and Eric sitting on my couch with a RAINBOW SPARKLES cake with strawberries and kiwi ontop. I almost cried. I may or may not have actually cried after they left. They wrote me a card about all the things they love about me. Made me cry even more.

Doesn't that cake look soooo good! Don't worry it tasted as good as it looked. Even better actually... So good I had to take a huge chunk out of it before I took a picture.

Thanks Ging and Eric for being the bestest ever!



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Sarah C said...

Awww... I want friends to bring me cake! If you lived closer I would bring you cake too!