Monday, June 21, 2010

Old People....

Old people make me smile.

Troy and his parents volunteer at the seniors center for ahlzheimers and dementia every sunday for about an hour after church. Troys grandma use to be in there before she passed away and so they would go and visit her and after she died, they kept going. They sing songs with old people. He always tells me about it, but since he is such a RUDDDDDE friend he always forgets to invite me. Good thing I am a bold person and just invite myself along. Right after church we went to his house to meet up with his parents and then we went to the seniors center. Seriously, the most fun I've had in such a long time! The old people are funny, the little old men are soo darling and it was just a good time. We sang some pretty old songs, and not to any sort of beat. I got hit on by a few old men, and Troy got kisses galore from the little old ladies that just LOVED him. I was pretty sad to go home... I definately think that I will be inviting myself along for the hymnsing more often.

I love old people. I use to volunteer at the old folks home down in Taber on my spares in highschool, and had such a good time. I forgot how awesome that they were. I think I definately want to make it a more regular thing.


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