Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last little while....

I'm not even going to apologize for not blogging. It's not that I haven't wanted too. I can't do it at work,(yet I'm blogging right now) and I have better things to do when I get home from work, and I haven't been taking many pictures.

I swear I should win an award for having the boringest blog with NO pictures ever. Is there an award like that? -- If not we should make one.

The weather here has been WERID. Ugh. I hate Canada for this reason. It was +30 for a week straight, then the week after it SNOWED. Frig. Confuse me a little bit more please.

Last weekend we played glow in the dark ultimate frisbee... I never thought I would like frisbee cause I didn't think that I would be good at it. However, I'm a natrual. Natrually AMAZING. BAHA! Ok, so I can catch like a champ, I can't throw. We'll work on that. We played in the snow, late at night. It was seriously the funnest time I've had in such a long time. I didn't do anything on Saturday AT ALL, didn't leave my house once. I was sick. Who would have thought they'd get sick after playing outside in the cold rain for 3 hours with a windchill that they'd get sick. I didn't thaw out for days.

I was with my best friend... I love spending time with my BFF.. He informed me that if he ever wins the lottery that he will give me a million. Now that's a true bff. He's in spring classes right now(probably why I haven't talked to him since Sunday) and I miss him. He's not allowed to play as much cause he's sooo bloody busy so I seriously had so much fun with him. We laughed sooo hard, got lost trying to find our friends house and he even listened to NKOB with me. Now if that's not a best friend I don't know what is.

I've been working out alot lately. I love spin. Spin is awesome. Spin does NOT, I repeat does NOT hurt my butt anymore when I do it. I take two classes a week, and I spin on my own time the other 3 days of the week. Best workout ever. I've started eating clean again. It seriously amazes me the difference eating healthy makes in your mood, and your energy levels. I've had an awesome pal workin alot with me, and I don't know what I'd do without Kait listening to my 'obsessiveness' lately. She has been dealing with alot from me. I've learned alot of the things I'm doing right now from her. You should check out her blog. (correct me if I'm wrong) You can tell my her domain that she is a riot. Who else has a user domain like that. Only Kait.

I'm going home tomorrow to spend the weekend with my family. It was origionally supose to be for a wedding, and for my sister's birthday, but now I am going specifically to hang out with Kayla(last post) who was in a pretty tramatic accident last night. She's going to need some help. Yes, my parents are there to help HOWEVER, I have a family of gimps right now. **I say that with all the love and respect I can muster up without busting out laughing** My mom had surgery in May( Iknow who would laugh at that right?...well me), My sister got into a car accident last night AND to top off a wonderful 6 weeks my dad is going in for knee surgery June 23rd. Seriously. Like who can say that 3/4 of their family is going to be out of commission for the better part of the summer? Pretty sure only me :) ha ha. I joke that I'm going to have to take time off work to take care of them. Lucky enough my mom was able to start driving this week, two weeks before my dad WON'T be able to drive, and my sister...well she just doesn't drive. This should be interesting....Anyone want to donate to the "payforgasforlacheletodrivedowntotaberallthetime" fund? I'll take cash or...well cash! let me know..haha



Jamie said...

hey lachele how are you doing? Whats new?? I miss ya

Lachele said...

Awwww I miss you too baby! I got a text from you last night but I was at work and forgot to text you back. I'll hafta shoot an email to you updating you on my life. Whats your email address again?