Friday, June 11, 2010

Mid-Singles WHHHHHA?

Alright- So story time

**PS I have a really good blog post coming soon. I just have to retrieve one more picture and then I'll be able to post it** YES thats right it will have a picture! haha

So My girlfriend Diana just moved back from Toronto and wanted to go to the Mid Singles Conference. Clearly I am about 6 months too young for that, and as I recall I remember when I was 21,22 thinking "I am NEVER going to be THHHHAT old and still single" I was such a naive little lady! So she asked me to go. I fought her on it. Really I did. I lost. Ugh. So I went with her.

This is one of the MANY repeated convos I had with her walking in.

Me- If an old man talks to me, I'm OUTTA here. Seriously. No really. I'm gone and if you're not around me, you won't even know I left.

Diana-Grow up, you'll be fine. Ugh.

Me- I'm just sayin.

We walked in there and it was sooo werid. The guys all looked old, and the girls all looked like they'd been thru the ringer. Then I spotted some friends from Calgs and hung on for dear life. They did speed dating. Ugh. Dear goodness why do they make us do things like this. It was the most awkward 90 seconds of my life that kept repeating for TWO whole hours. Why would anyone subject themselves to this, then I remembered where I was. MID singles. They're getting super desperate(haha jks) sorry for all you mid singles out there. Really. I am sorry.

Speed dating convo 1.

Me-so where are you from.

Loser from Van- can't you tell from my accent(he didn't have one)

me-uhhhh Iraq(most people think thats funny...he didnt)

LFV-uhhh no Vancouver

Me-Oh, I didn't know they had accents.


Me-So what do you do?

Adult marketer- Oh I advertize online for the adult film industry(WTF are you kidding me?)

I never asked another convo ever.


Jerk-so what do you do?

Me- I work at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, in the Medical Oncology Dept.

Jerk- Wow, I never pegged you for something that took smarts-I thought you were like a hairdresser or something.


The guy after #3 was pretty funny, he said he enjoyed being after the jerk because all the girls thought he was freakin awesome compared to the dick they talked to before. We clicked. His name is Matt he's 29 he's from Regina and he's an accountant/auditor for some big company. He's divorced and has a 5 year old daughter! I left right after speed dating cause I wasn't feeling good. I went there the next morning for breakfast before heading to Taber for a wedding, and I ran into Matt and his buddy again and we chatted for a bit-so long I was going to be late for the wedding. So I boooooked it **sorry mom, I didn't speed that bad** I gave him my number and we texted all weekend, and it turned out he was in town til Tuesday for a conference. He took me out to dinner before his flight left and it was fun. Some girls in my ward were a little miffed I got a date outta the mid singles conference and they didn't seeings as I'm only 24. Ha. Ohhhh well!

For the most part the parts of the conference I was at were pretty good and I guess I'm not going to be scared to go back next year. Heck I might even meet another guy! ha ha.


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