Monday, February 1, 2010

What every Woman should do ONCE!

I got this book for my birthday from my dear friend and old roomie Jaylene(Love her) she's soo generous and got me alot of really cute things for my birthday. She leaves today to go to Europe for a month, and I' hope she has a very SAFE and fun trip. We've made some rules and plans that she needs to follow while she is over there to ensure she doesn't get kidnapped and turned into a sex slave(her words not mine) haha! She's a fun girl. She travels with her pink snuggie :) <3 her!

Anyways, this book is so fun, I looked thru it when she gave it to me, and I've decided that I'm going to complete EVERY single one of them-with the exceptions of a "few" that are inappopriate, I'll just change them to something else. But I will take a picture of the page and blog about the experience. Some of them I've already completed so I'll just blog about them but every other one I will start now. I'll go thru them in a little bit and post about the ones I've already done :) this will be so much fun :)

I've had a few requests for pictures of me and my hair :) I will post some soon, I think it's funny I got a new camera for Christmas and I have barely used it because I just take pictures on my blackberry and email them to myself, it's soooo much easier than having to download them to my laptop then blog, and my blackberry pictures of my hair don't look good, so I won't post them:) I think I'm going to invent a camera that has the internet so I can email pictures right from my camera. Wouldn't that be RAD? Done, I'm doing it. Anyways I promise I will take pictures soon and post them.



Liz said...

I never understood the snuggies... as soon as I found out they don't close in the back... I don't see the point.

....just sayin. haha

Lachele said...

she loves her snuggie...seriously! I tucked her into bed last night in it. She's sooooo funny! Umm, funniest comment of the night. She was talking about how she's going to be staying in hostiles and how if she meets a guy there he better
"respect that she travels with a snuggie" like it's going to be a deal breaker! HA!