Sunday, January 31, 2010

BIRTHDAYS ROCCCCK.....and I've gained 10lbs

Ok, so birthdays DO rock now, I changed my mind, I'm not too sure if I've gained 10lbs but with all the cake and crap I've eaten this week I wouldn't be surprised. You know how people say they gain like 5lbs over Christmas. Well thats never happened to me, but I'm pretty sure that the birthday week has brought 10 extra lbs. Ugh. It was worth it, and the gym will be seeing alot more of me starting tomorrow!

My birthday ROCKED because it was a week long affair. Every night I did something super fun and had people to celebrate with. Here's the total recap of my wonderful weekend. Friday night I went out to dinner at the Olive Garden with two of my way good friends that I just happen to work with who spoiled me ROTTEN! I got free dinner, and some super cute presets. I told them all I wanted for my birthday was a WATERMELON and they delivered. They even carved little designs in it.(that's how much they love me) Then I went to the YSA activity where I got showered with attention from EVERYONE, birthday songs, birthday hugs, and so many people doing double takes on my hair(it's dark and I love it) We tried to get bubble tea after the activity but they were out of pearls. Ugh. That's the BEST part, so we went to Peters, realized it was cash only, went over to 7-11 to get cash and by the time we got back it was CLOSED. BAH! So we went to Mcdonalds. haha. Sick.

Saturday I went to Lethbridge to have lunch with my family(yes I drove 2 hours to have lunch, go to costco, turn around and come home) I got a yummy dinner, and spoiled at costco <3 then I made my way back to Calgary to meet Mandy for my birthday dinner(this is where my brattiness comes in) I'm still really embarassed right now. Ugh. I rushed home so I could meet Mandy for dinner and she tells me shes dying her boyfriends hair. UGH. I was annoyed so I went home and watched the Miss America Pagent(so cute) by 7:30 I was getting SUPER annoyed and everyone I was texting was NOT texting me back, I was ready to throw in the towel, put my sweats on and go to bed, then she texted me, so I got dressed, did my hair, and put on a little make up(thank goodness) and went over there. So I get to Mandys, I open the door and BAAAAAAAAAAAAM it was a SURPRISE party for me. Ahhh it was awesome! Tons of my friends came, and they were so sweet to take their Saturday night off and hang out with me. I felt so special. I was spoiled with cards, presents, flowers, cake, and all my friends coming to hang out with me!

Birthdays in my books ROCK so much now. Here are my stats from this years birthday! I recieved EIGHT cakes over the course of the week, two bouquets of flowers, a BAZILLION birthday cards, tons' of FB msgs, texts, phone calls and 5 free dinners/lunches!

What am awesome week!



Gus, BYU Dude said...

Wow happy birthday. Glad you had a lot of fun.

Liz said...

Fun Fun. You need to post photos asap girl! I want to see your lovely locks.... ha ha


~AmandA~ said...

I'm with Liz, I too am very excited to see you now that you've come to the dark side. PS we went to Peters for lunch on Thursday and it was yummy. One of these days I'll drive up just to go to Peter's with you. And weird, Katie was born at 8:03 too, but at night. Sounds like you have awesome friends! Birthdays ARE fun!

Lachele said...

Thanks Gus!

I will soon Liz, I've been SOOOO freakin busy this weekend! Ugh.

YOU WERE IN CALGARY! Ugh. Amanda! Lame. Why didn't you call me. I work at the foothills just DOWN the street :( sad day! Will you please come to Calgs just to go with me? Best day of my life. I will post pictures soon. I don't even have any on facebook thats how lame I am! My party was awesome. I got fun presents, a cute cake, way fun cards. I seriously do have the BEST friends!

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