Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spice it up.....

I really need to spice up my workout a little bit.

That is why I am starting P90X FOR REALSIES this time on Monday. I did it with Bree a while ago, but then we stopped. We would have completed it twice. If we did, I wouldn't have been so depresed about trying on bridesmaids dresses last night. I'm not sure if the dresses we were trying on are just NOT flattering, or if I am REALLY that unflattering myself. Either THAT or it's the mirrors. I'd like to think it was the mirrors. Yup, it was the mirrors. Ugh. Either way I need to fix it. All the cardio I'm doing is really doing nothing but making me sweat. I need to tone up. That is what P90X is going to do for me.

My two besties down in Utah do all these funny DVD's under the sun. They just started insanity which APPARENTLY is 10x better than P90X, but I really don't want to waste money on it when I haven't even used my p90x. SO I will do this first THEN insanity. Ha. I'll be ripped. Rianne also just ordered Brazillion Butt workout. BAHAHA she's going to kill me if she sees I'm posting that on the www. haha! She's got a ghetto Peurto Rican beeehind! They even send you a free pencil for the pencil test. HA. I can't even do the pencil test. She says she can do the flashlight test. So the pencil test is when you take a pencil and you can hold it under your bum crease where your glute(yes I will be technical) connects to your hamstring(back thigh) My butt is sooooo non existant that when I was talking to her on the phone I tried it and I have no crease.

I love the gym, but I don't feel like I tone/do my weights the way I want too, and this 40-60 minute workout 6 days a week will REALLLLY cut down on my gym time. I'll be able to do more things during the week rather than being at the gym for 3 hours. I can go, do my one hour cardio, come home do my p90x and then carry on with my night. Sounds good right? RIGHT. But, minor glitch. I probably won't actually do it. Ha. It sounds wonderful in theory. I'm trying to get Mandy to do it with me. That way the both of us will stick to it.

Wish me luck.



Diva's Drama said...

Good luck!

I'm still attempting to eve think about going to the gym.

.... :p

Anonymous said...

P90X is awesome. seriously.

it's my favorite thing, and pretty much gave me a 4-pack after the first week, no joke


Lachele said...

Haha. Div.
You don't even need to go to the gym you're such a skinny minny, and you walk to school so you get exercise.

I've heard TONS of good things about it, so I'm just going to test it out. What's the worst that could happen right? I could get a 6 pac:) haha. I'm excited! It gives me something to work towards. I have my cardio down, I just need something a little extra ya know. Thanks for the advice Lace :)


* Mallorie * said...

Oh I am SOOOO telling Ri you posted that hahahahahaha!