Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What did I do this weekend......

Well, I can tell you what I DIDN'T do.

I didn't make any of those treats listed below. I wanted too. Believe me I did. I would have, but lets be honest I would have eaten them ALL. So I saved my waistline.

You're welcome waistline :)
Sorry people I was planning on giving them too, I saved your waistlines as well, don't hate.

I did however make some pottery, I'm almost done painting it. I will have a pretty HUGE mug to drink hot chocolate out of. Soo pretty.

I went to dinner with way good friends. Girls are seriously so fun. Why don't I have more girl friends?

I went to the gym lots--Gym Rat. I may or may not have pulled my hamstring.

I went to the Cross Iron Mall, I HATE forever 21, and H&M. They're too cluttery, and it frusterates me to be in there. Sorry ladies who love those places. Just not for me.

I went to a movie ALONE, all my byself. I went to see When in Rome. It was cute. Not what I expected :( I was a little disappointed.

Had a 8 hour Lost Marathon with Mandy. Ate some perogies and conquesa. So good.

I talked to Mallorie and Rianne. I miss them. I can't wait to see them. They rock. Rylynn is soo excited to see me. I'm excited to see her. Scott said I can only stay and their house as long as Rianne promises not to kick him out of bed so we can cuddle. Errr. No promises Scott. Sorry.

I am excited for American Shopping. :) Woohoo! I have been saving my pennies.

I'm excited to see (in no particular order) ASHLEY HART, CHASE KOTOWSKI, ERIC WHITING, MALLORIE WHITE, RIANNE WHITING, NATE 'spud' MORTENSEN, CLAYTON ALLSOP, JOEY EGBERT, and all the rest of my amazing Utard friends that I have yet to make plans with. My goal is to meet new people while I'm down there too. Oh how I can't wait to get back there to finish my nursing. P.A.R.T.Y .I.N .T.H.E .U.S.A.

I can't wait for my hair to grow. Please grow fast hair. I miss when you use to be long.




Liz said...

A movie alone? I don't think I could ever do that. I'm too much of a social movie watcher. Ha ha. Go you! :P

So almost done, that's brilliant!

colleenroselle said...

Lost marathon, When in Rome...was definately part of my weekend too.

Lachele said...

Movie ALONE, I've always wanted to do it, so I did. I even turned off my phone. WHICH IS HUGE! It was a good thing I did tho. It's been rough the last few days.

Almost done what?

I heart lost, last night it took every ounce of strength I had not to watch season six episode on tv last night. When in Rome was cute. Not as cute as I thought it was going too be. I'm in Beth's single stage right now before she falls in love, so all these are fairytales, maybe I should go to Rome and pick up coins out of that fountain

Teri said...

Ummm.. if Tboy is anything but boostin your confidence lady, boost his dorky butt!! For real, don't waste your beautiful self on someone who doesn't think you are sooooo cool. I don't even know you and I think you're cool. Totally wish my bro in law lived in Utah. ;o(
Weight watchers says "Waste the food or add it to your waste" lol. Kinda funny but sooo true.
Anyways..... Have fun with the Utards.

Lachele said...

T-boy is all about the tough love. He doesn't understand I'm sensitive. He doesn't have any sisters. I'm the closet thing he has to one. Yikes. Um, yah!

I am cool. Really cool. I wish your brother in law lived in Utah too. I will have fun with them. I'm excited. I need out of Calgs'

I don't really remember when I became obsessed with working out. What I need to become obsessed with is not eating chocolate :) ha! I have such a long hate relationship with food. Ha I love it,but my body does NOT.