Thursday, January 7, 2010

What could he want?

So my ward secretary called me."Lachele, the Bishop would like to meet with you tomorrow night at 7:20" It really makes me wonder what he could want. I have my guess' as to what it might be either he:

1- Found out about my blog and realizes that I'm not nice to boys, I do alot of werid things, and or I have married men that love me. hmmm

2- That he is just checking in on me--because he knows how stressed out I've been lately and some other personal things going on..Who is texting friends with their Bish? Well this is the 2nd bishop I've been on texting terms with, and lets just say I LOVE IT! haha!

3- That I'm being release from the Presidency...and all I have to say about that is "About Damn time" I LOVE my calling. It's fantastic. But two years is a very VERY long time. Feb 3 will be 2.5 years so I'm creepin up on there. I've been serving thru THREE Elders Quorm presidents. I think I'm exausted. Give me a year off and I'll be good to go for another 2 years :)

-- If it does happen to be #3 I will be making a list of callings I will NOT accept for the next year, and they will be(in NO particular order, they all make me want to die): FHE, gathering/activities, Gospel Doct. teach, or ANYTHING to do with enrichment.-- Is that being too picky? I know I'll get blessings. Oh yah and absolutely no Visiting Teaching supervisor/district leader. Infact, I think I'll volunteer myself for the ward greeter! Thats about all I can handle right now!

Any guess' as to what he wants to see me ASAP for?


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