Thursday, January 7, 2010

Picky Much?

Ok, So after several conversations I've been black listed as a "very picky person" when it comes to pretty much EVERYTHING. I'm sure I'm not the only person who is picky. I mean come on! Apparently I'm picky in areas that I shouldn't be, from food, to the types of guys I date, to the types of cars I like to the types of sports I like. Pchhh.... whatevski's

Food: This one is true. I am probably one of the pickiest eaters you've ever met.. I don't eat seafood of any kind, I will not eat red meat if I have a choice. I am a sight/smell person.I can not eat re-heated turkey. UGH I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS smell my food before I eat it. If it smells like it'd taste gross I refuse to eat it. If it looks sick I can't eat it. I've never eaten fish, or seafood..(apparently I did when I was really little and I loved it, but I don't remember that so it doesn't count) I refuse to eat it. The smell of fish/seafood makes me sick. I can't eat steak. I hate the texture and consistancy of it. I ate a steak at Kyles house back in the summer(first one in 5 years, last one for a REALLY long time) I ate it cause I was a guest in his house and his dad cooked it. I will NOT eat hamburger helper. Ugh sick. TRASH! I can't eat reheated turkey, it smells funny and tastes even werider. Freshly cooked turkey is da bomb. I can do that. I hate tomatoes because of their texture, and I can't stand onions. I don't do spicy food. I don't eat white foodd(white bread, white rice,etc) It reminds me of bleach. errr.

**This picky eating usually poses a problem when I'm invited over to someones house for dinner** Monday night my friend asked if I wanted to come over for dinner. So I did. She made "cajuan turkey stew" there was Okra in it. I've never tried Okra before, I didn't even know what it was. I made Cora tell me it was something I've tried before so I would do it. I tried it(I almost died doing it) but I did it. It didn't taste like anything. There were little green, slimy balls inside it. That totally threw me off. I will NOT be eating that ever again. One break the fast I was sitting down to eat with the rest of my ward(I also have a problem with meat products cooked by anyone my age...don't ask I don't know why.) My friend Braden had food on his plate. Well one of the items I picked up off HIS plate, smelt it(it accidentally touched my nose) and then I put it back on HIS plate. Ha.. that totally threw him off. :) I'm werid.

Vehicles: I will NEVER drive a car ever again. I don't care how much extra I pay in gas/insurance. I will never drive one. and I'm not going to lie. I judge boys who drive cars. :) I know. I'm rude! Whatever. I was almost killed in a car accident where I was driving a little car. Judge me all you want. I never want to feel like that again.

Boys: I have my PREFERENCES(eye color, hair color, height) you know the usual, but I am not THAT bad. Apparently I am. My friend Amber says "Lachele, you know if you were alot less picky on the little things you could have been married 5 years ago" Ugh, thank you I know that. But I think it's good to be picky about the important things. I don't care what color of hair he has. I do care however if he'll be a good father, if he'll be motivated instead of lazy. Geez, just cause she settled doesn't mean I have too(don't tell her I said that.)

** I don't wanna talk about the last one. I have my issues with guys. I'm slowly starting to work thru the little things, everything takes time**

Am I really THHHHHHHHAT picky? What are you picky about?



Sarah C said...

Ok, you blog alot, so I am going to just comment on one post.

Nicknames... wow you have a lot. Weirdly, even I know LaFonda, and I am not even from YSA anymore... lol

Bishop app... here's to hoping you are being released... that is a long time.

Picky... I am so picky about foods... different ones that you (minus seafood - YUCK, oh and onions) but I totally get the picky food thing.

Vehicals... no worries I will never drive anything but and SUV/CUV either... we are looking at an Acadia right now. No minivans for me, and our family is to big for a car.

Boys... well it's good to be picky... and obviously Amber doesn't read your blog... lol

Lachele said...

yup, I do blog alot actually...

Yah I have tons. It's true you do know Lafonda... it's a classic that probably will never die. You know how on obituary sometimes they have nicknames. Could you imagine if they put all my nicknames on when I died. I'd have the longest name EVER

Yup, I have been released :) Bitter sweet... really it is! I loved it, but I'm not sad that it's over! He asked me where I would "like" to serve. Pretty much I told him I will be the ward greeter:) I can commit to that!

Yah, I'm totally picky. But you knew that. I'm having a thing with the consistancy of yogurt lately tho. Ugh I love yogurt!

Declarations of a Drama Diva said...

ha ha. I thought I was pretty picky with food..... Lol. I hate sea food!

Also, Im lame after paying bills.. I have to save up before we can do our awesome pen pal thing.... So soon soon. :)

Tripp Hazard said...

I won't eat yogurt. It feels like there is something alive in my mouth, and that is not a feeling I enjoy. I am picky about girls but not near as picky as you are about boys. Don't know how I stumbled across your blog but it's on my reading list so keep it up.

Lachele said...

Tripp, thanks for coming by...
to be honest if you've seen the guys I've dated in the past I've made my 'picky lists' from the guys I've gone out with that it didn't work (the physical features aren't that important. I've dated blondes, and dark haired boys.. not too worried) However I do have an issue about height. If he's so tiny that he makes me feel like a giantess' there's a problem. I'm only 5'8(ONLY) I know that's pretty tall for a girl.

I feel bad for short boys.

Lachele said...

haha, seriously just let me know... pen pals for life. I think I still have some stamps from the last missionary I wrote... they're old but I'm sure they still work.

Declarations of a Drama Diva said...

Ha ha. Brilliant!