Saturday, January 9, 2010


As I've been sick I haven't gone to the gym all week.... I didn't go at all while I was at home for Christmas, the last time I was at the gym was Dec 20th :( UGH that hurts to say that.

I am a bridesmaid for my friend Bri's wedding, and well I've decided that I'm going to get into shape for REALSIES this time. My sister always makes fun of now it's time. Sooooo I am going to be blogging once a week about what I've been up too the previous weeks in the gym, and what I've learned from the books I've read and the trainers I'm talking too...when I get comfy I'll even give you stats..eeeeks!

Please ask for updates! I'm going to need to be held accountable.

HAAA.... and how ironic is this. It's Jan 9-2010 I live in CANADA, and it's +7 today SO, I'm playing football today. Errrrr haha. Every saturday from May-Nov I play football(it's co-ed) so I get a call from one of the guys last night. We're playing. Theres still snow on the ground, it's melting. This should be interesting.. :)



Declarations of a Drama Diva said...

Good luck on working out. I've been a little sick... but that doesn't explain why I haven't worked out for the last ... two years.... ha ha.

~AmandA~ said...

You're funny. I like you.

Lachele said...

Ummm I like you too!
I think I'm going to have to STOP reading your blog...It's going to make me fat! It looks sooo good! Ok. from the part of your kitchen that I saw.. I love it. I'm coming over next time I'm at my PARENTS! Mark my words!