Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Name(s)

So, I've been thinking alot about NICKNAMES lately. I realized I've had a MILLION nicknames and at present time I have 5 ACTIVE nicknames. Yes, some are inactive. I've either grown out of them, or lost contact with the people who use to call me that. They're completely random, and most have stories behind them.

1.Chele-the last syllable of my first name. My mom use to call me Chele all growing up. the only time she ever used my full name was when I was in trouble.

2.Chele Belle- My sister use to call me this one.

3.Chelly(shelly) belly- Also another one from my sister.

4.Fish-HA, in grade 7 I use to get called fish because I am a scuba diver, and every weekend I was diving with my dad or swimming.

5. latch-elle- My teamates use to call me latch-elle. Not too sure why.

6. Lachele-flatbum squarehips(just like spongebob square pants)- Another basketball nick name cause I had no curves what so ever. errr

7. Lafonda- Nick "waterbuffalo" Holaboff gave me this nickname. I'm the whitest black girl he's ever seen. The fun thing about this nickname is that the WHOLE city of Calgary knows me by this(YSA) and most of the time people call me Lafonda and not Lachele. Some people don't even know my real name. I like it:)

8. Wayne- So this is my man name. In one of my university classes my prof would never remember my name because I guess the semester before there was a huge black kid named Wayne that sat in the same seat that I was in and it just stuck.

9. Canada- When I lived in Utah everyone in my apt buildings nicknames were where they were from. My roomie from California her nick name was California(which is longer than her real name) and my roomie from Texas, she was Tex. So I was Canada cause no one knew what "Alberta" was. ha-- lazy Americans.

10. Can-idoit- There were some Canadian haters in the house down there. Some of them would call me the Canidiot, to which I would reply Utard. Funniest part of the whole nickname was the girl that gave me the nickname flunked the anatomy course we were in and I got an A. BAH!

My active nicknames are "Chele, Chelle-belle, Canada, Wayne and Lafonda. My nicknames are also sooo random.



Lachele said...

I think I said that one wrong. I'm the blackest white girl, or the whitest black girl...err I'm not sure but you know what I mean.

The Boob Nazi said...

My freshman roommate used to call me "Jules," and I've hated it ever since.

Lachele said...

all my friends named Julie I'd just call them JU.... haha I'm sure they hated it too...

hmmm I hate a Julie right now... like really bad. But I like you. I'll just nickname you boobie...cause when I think of you and see "julie" associated with it, it makes me want to mock you:) <3 haha

Declarations of a Drama Diva said...

Ha ha. My favorite is Wayne.... ha ha...

Lachele said...

Ha, that's my work nickname. Everyone at work calls me Wayne. Oh geez! It's better than Lachele flatbum square hips. That haunted me thru highschool!