Monday, January 4, 2010

Narcissist? Yay or Nay?

Ok, so I'm constantly worried about what other people think about me. So natrually after I blog I have to click "view new post" to read over it, to make sure it's up to par with the way a post from me should be. Which is funny... Normally I do a pretty good job of adding some sort of humor to my posts. But I just need the self validation or something. Well I just want you all to know that I validate myself. I think I'm funny. If I was another person I'd definately be friends with myself! I'm awesome! :)

Side note-- I still may or may not be all hopped up/coming OFF my hopped upness from my cold meds. I'm going to play basketball tonight, and if that doesn't make me way to die, I won't use any cold med tonight-- I know sick people shouldn't play basketball, but if you know me... you'd know 'but IT'S BASKETBALL' I'm always well enough to play... except for that one time in highschool where I knew my coach was going to kick our ass' for playing like shhhhhhhiznit. I was sick that day. Good thing too. Not one person left that practice without barfing. ugh!



Sarah C said...

I totally read mine over too :D

Lachele said...

I like being the center of attention. I love saying funny things and having people love me... HOWEVER, I have zero confidence. How does that work? Go figure huh?

Declarations of a Drama Diva said...

I know exactly what you are talking about, I don't know how it works.

Also, I totally read over everything.... And I keep wishing I'd get more followers... lame I know. Ha ha.

Lachele said...

haha, How do you not have more followers than me? Seriously! You're way funnier than I am:)