Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm pretty sure the world can just forget about me becoming unaddicted to diet coke. I caved. Pretty sure it's only been a day and a half since my last can ( I didn't even blog about me going OFF diet coke, cause I knew it wouldn't last) I took one sip and the insta-headache that started yesterday is gone. I know I comitted to eating healthy, and working out everyday, but one little diet coke a day certainly won't ruin my 1/2 marathon times. I'm eating 6 times day, super healthy meals, I'm running 6 miles day/biking 15 miles after that and topping it off with some weights I'm set in that dept. One diet coke will not hurt me(why do I feel guilty, and why am I trying to justify my one diet coke a day). I could be easily addicted to something way worse. I should be counting my blessings it's 'this' type of coke, and not the other kind.

Point is..... is a diet coke won't hinder my workouts or my life. Infact, I'm pretty sure it will do the exact opposite. It will also keep me from being a cranky pants, and that my friends is a good thing. Lachele Wickens(who has Bigelow blood in her) + cranky pants = NOTHING PRETTY! it's true.

AND, everyone keeps telling me how bad aspertame is. Can we just go over the list of things that are bad for people. Mcdonalds, Wendy's, food sprayed with chemicals, tanning, smoking, drinking, drugs....the list could go on. So I'm really not too worried about a small amount of aspertame.

Ahhh it feels good to have that off my chest, and now I don't feel the need to sneak sips of D.C when the girls at work aren't looking.



Sarah C said...

I like how you listed tanning in there... which you also do!

Lachele said...

haha this is true. I do tan...and I LOVE it. <3