Monday, December 28, 2009

I know I know I KNOW!!!

***PLEASE DON'T HATE ME, I HAVE ZERO PICTURES FROM THIS LAST WEEK, I SUCK SO BAD, I'm so horrible at taking pictures... It's a 2010 resolution, and now that I have a sweet cam I can do it***

So I'm in desperate need of a blog update... this is going to sound even worse when I say that I've checked my blog every single read everyone elses but never posted. I'm kicking myself now...

Ok, so we're just going to have a post with events as they happened... I got to Taber on Tuesday just in time to head to my parents house, shake a few presents under the tree, and then get ready for my uncles funeral(It was the weridest thing I've ever been too, and I'm just going to leave it at that) Then I went to a Christmas Reunion Party that we have every year. We see old friends from highschool, eat food, and catch up

Wednesday I did a bunch of running around with my momma, had my new winter tires put on my jeep(she's a beaut) rescued my dad after he got into an accident in my moms new jeep(YUP, and you better believe I gave him the whole"you really shoulda been watching where you were going, you're lucky no one was seriously hurt" speech that he always seems to want to give me. Granted, I've only ever been in one accident, and I was the one hurt.. so everyone felt bad for me. Aside from getting to play the adult role for a few minutes, everyone was fine, the jeep will get fixed and my dad was not seriously hurt. CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! :) Later, that night we had our tradish--Chinese food dinner on Christmas eve. It was soo good. This is such a fun part of Christmas, I look forward to it every year. Went home stuffed to the brim on Chinese food and watched some Christmas movies.

CHRISTMAS MORRRRRRRNING--Normally I'm the first kid awake, and then I go jump on my family. Wellll this year much to my dismay my sister was awake first and she's less than pleasant in the mornings..(I'm not as obnoxious as she is when I wake her up) Ok, so maybe I jump on her, tickle her, and pull all her covers off but DANG IT I wanna open presents. It wasn't eve 7:30 when she woke me up(I usually am kind and wait atleast until 8) geez. So we all woke up, assumed our positions under the Christmas tree...We all got rather spoiled this year, I almost hate telling people what I got, cause I got too much... but here goes -- New TV(after 24 years my parents finally got smart, and changed the names on most of the presents that were for me,cause they know the first thing I do when I go home, is I shake presents) so after opening tons that said to my mom,dad and sister I got suspicous when the last present under the tree was for my dad, but he wanted "me to open it" cause it was too heavy to move. So I ripped the paper off that sucker and realized that the NEW TV was for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE wooohoooo :) I got a Wii, Wii Fit, Biggest loser wii(haha I'm a fatty who needs more than the gym) New Digital Camera, clothes, tons of awesome things gift cards. I got spoiled rotten this year. Dinner was INSANELY good as usual, and we just hung out and had an easy chill relaxing day. We talked to family that is away. It was nice.

Saturday I got even more spoiled when my mom, sister and I went to the City to do some boxing day shopping.(note--boxing day is the Canadian Equiv. of BLACK FRIDAY) for all you Americans. I got tons of new clothes....

Sunday, I went to church at my parents family ward, I feel like a celeb when I'm there ,everyone is so excited to see me! They have this tradish that when all the kids are home from school for Christmas they have some of them come bear their testimonies, and tell what they've been doing for the last year, and I did it when I was 19-living in Utah so I thought for sure they'd pass me up...I'm old, and not in school...I'm boring. But the Bishop called on me last minute. I guess it was easier telling the WHOLE congregation that I live in Calgary, I'm NOT married(and I'm ok with it) where I'm working, and what my plans are for the next year! I got to chat with a bunch of friends I hadn't seen in a while which was nice. Then I went into the City(lethbridge) and met up with one of my FAVE girls/old roomies Jaylene and saw It's complicated and went to Moxies for dinner! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO fun! The movie was hilarious, the company as even funnier. The whole time we sat around and chatted about old times, and laughed so hard. I love that girl so much. I love how no matter how busy each of us are, when we do get together it's like no time has passed, we catch each other up to speed on our lives, and laugh about old times! She's going to be one of my most fave people FOREVER! I'm so excited she's moving back to Calgs, maybe we'll get to live together again :)

Today I was super busy. I washed my jeep, vaccumed it, got goceries, came home, unpacked(everything but my clothes, that can be done tomorrow) set up my new tv,wii,wii fit and biggest loser.... and now I'm making lunch, and blogging.

I'm exausted. I'm not looking forward to going to work tomorrow :( Oh man, well I had a nice week off, so I guess it's time to bring on the stress! I can handle it!

--How come your week of vaca always seems shorter than a work week. UGH.

--Ohhhhhh and I found a way to make more money without getting a legit job(I tried the hooker thing, its too cold here in the winter time) ha jks. I am going to start reffing highschool basketball/volleyball games. My friends husband does it, and he said they're looking for girl refs, they pay between 40-50 a game and you do two a night, and you can do as many a week as you want, plus tourneys. That's some pretty decent side cash. All reffing $$ will go towards travelling :) YAY speaking of travelling. I'm going to Seattle in May with some of my girlies. I'm sooo stoked! YAY!



Declarations of a Drama Diva said...

Sounds like you got some goods!!! Ha ha.

Times flies when you are having fun.... sigh* I don't want to go back to school.... Lame!

Allan Fine said...

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Lachele said...

Haha, I did get quite the haul this year, but lets be honest, I pretty much do every year!

Enjoy the rest of your time off. I miss school soo much! I've considered going back and taking something retarded just to be there...lame huh?

Declarations of a Drama Diva said...

Not at all. I'm such a nerd (you know front row... middle) that when I leave I'll be thrilled but I'm totaly going to miss it! :(