Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I've never really been into that site FML or even really use that saying, but right now sounds like a pretty damn good time to start!

Well I should just get down to it!

--I live in Canada...and it's cold.... FML

--I now have to work til 4:30 on christmas eve, and will miss chinese food with the fam. FML

--I am 23 years old and feel like I'm 75 right now.... FML

--My hip/groin hurt, I get home from the gym and apply 'icy hot' to my outter hip, and inner upper thigh..... FML... This isn't the first time I've done this either, I'm not a fan of the sensation!

--I just worked out for 3 hours, came home and my shower is torn apart.. FMLx2

--At the rate I'm going at, I'm going to need a hip replacement before my 25th birthday(5 mile run & 5 mile sprints).....FML

--It's really cold in my room, I don't think the vents work, I wake up 34254364 times a night cause I'm slipping into hypothermia.....FML


--My living room is cluttered with BOXES of my roomates crap....FML

--Just realized that money doesn't grow on trees.... FML

--I was unlocking my front door, with my phone in my purse, I looked down and it was calling the LAST person I'd ever want my phone to accidentally call.. I think he picked up........ FFFFFFFFFML!

** I had a few other FML's while I was driving home from work, but I don't remember them **

It's been a rough few days! What can I say?



Megan said...

I have a tip for cold bedrooms! Keep a hairdryer plugged in by your bed! If you wake up cold, just pump some hot air under your covers! works like a charm ;)

Lachele said...

Ohhhh Megan good call.... Done, I'm going to try that.. Sometimes while I'm getting ready I'll blow myself with some hot air to warm up. I can only imagine what the r-mates would say when they hear my blow dryer going off at 2,3,4 and 5 haha