Monday, November 2, 2009


I hate preference..... preference SUCKS! I've had bad experiences with preference.....

I boycotted preference this year...or so I thought. I was just going to do NOTHING! but then Mandy the little sneaky creep that she is decided to ask one of our good friends Shawn from Edmonton. So Mandy had a date. I didn't... I didn't know if I wanted one. So I told T-boy if I end up going to preference, he was my date. I didn't really think much of it and saturday he asked me if I was serious. Well if I said no then that'd make him feel bad, and it'd give free reign for any other girl to ask him,and if I decided I wanted to go then I'd have to ask someone else. If I said yes, then I made a solid commitment to go. hmmmmm Needless to say.. I'm going to preference with Troy, and it's going to be FUN!

Last year I went with my friend Bryce, it was really fun, it was on halloween so we dressed up.. had a spooky halloween dinner at my girl Alida's, and had a blast at the dance, I really lucked out last year with going with such a good friend. The year before I wasn't go lucky. My way good friend Harrison had a roomate who was kind of a nerd. He hadn't been asked and was pretty sad about not being asked, and I wasn't planning on going, so I just asked him randomly. The poor kid was so awkward. For the longest time I couldn't find him, then Harrison found him SLEEPING on a back table at 10:30. Poor kid was tuckered out, and I must have been a boring date, We had a breakfast themed group date before which was fun. But the actual dance part was pretty awful.

I need to plan a pre-dance date for T-boy and I. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe something that one other couple could join in. Something different from dinner...or the typical? Anyways if anyone has any ideas let me know, if not I'll keep you posted. It's an enchanted theme(aka winter wonderland) and it's formal. Ugh.... :)


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