Monday, November 9, 2009

Memory Lane

I was reminded of a tender moment when I was little today, and I literally dropped everything I was doing so I could blog about it so I never forget it ever again!

Growing up we always lived within two blocks of my dad's shop and he would ride his bike to work everyday, when I was still pretty little I was allowed to walk/ride my bike down to the end of the street and ride home with him when he was on his way home from work, as I got older I would ride straight to the shop and meet him and my grandpa everyday at 5. We'd ride home, and I'd tell my dad about my day :) It was always so fun. I'm going home next week during the week for a dr's appt and my mom asked me if I'd be around for dinner still and if he should tell my dad I was coming home, and I said yup tell him I'll be around for dinner... and I said I'd walk to the shop so that I could drive home with him, and my mom reminded me of how I use to ride my bike to meet him.

Ahhhhh the life of a child. I wish I was still my mom and dad's little girl :)



Sarah C said...

Seriously! I wish my blog reader thing would update without me posting! Whenever I come to your blog I have to play catch up.

#1 - your roomate is a wuss... sorry, but she is. I have sprained my toes numerous times.... whoop-de-doo... whiner! Sorry, if that sounds mean, but seriously, you need heavy pain killers and a week off work for a TOE!!!

#2 - Cupcakes, are you serious... do you remember last time you tried to bake with Saren... good look at the pictures on facebook of your cupcake fiasco if you don't remember. Crazy lady. If you were closer I would totally help you, but alas, no such luck! Get a couple of friends to help you and it will go a lot quicker, and it can be a lot of fun too... just make sure they are cooked through first!

#3 - Awwww... cute about your Dad. I remember visiting my Dad at his office for hours on end... I miss those days... I miss my Dad.

Lachele said...

HAHA!! Well just check everyday :) I usually post something everyday!

1-Yes, she is a wuss, remember I made fun of her, and she has been the topic of my punch lines for the last two days(in a nice way).

2- HA, I totally forgot about those cupcakes... that was a fun time for Saren and I...hmmm well we'll try a test run and see how it works out ha ha...

3- Yah it's always fun to take a little stroll down memory lane. Ahh too funny... hmmm I am coming to SoAb tuesday, maybe I could leave a tad earlier and stop in raytown for a quick visit.(I'll send you an email with the deets.)