Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So, last week I was having a BLAH week, I wasn't happy, or sad I was just 'there' if that makes sense. One of the super cute girls that I work with asked me WHAT IN THE WORLD would make me REALLY happy :) Usually, when I'm having a crisis I turn to blue gatorade and kinder-surprises. I love the surprises, and I love the chocolate :) PERFECT!

So, I was sitting at my desk doing a little bit of work, and WAM BAM I get a present on my desk. Not ONE, not TWO buuuuuuuuut THREE kinder surprises :) awww totally made my day!

Thanks Darsh, you're so cute!


I think I'm going to go do something nice for someone right now :)

Who isn't in the Christmas spirit yet? Can I just tell you that I AM in the christmas spirit. I've got some fun things up my sleeves for christmas, for my visiting teaching girls, AND for my presidency message in Dec(this is the 2nd christmas in a row that I've had the change to teach the christmas presidency message! I'm excited)


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