Monday, November 9, 2009

Did I just bite off more than I can chew?

Well, we all know that sometimes I get crazy ideas.... REALLY CRAZY IDEAS.... remember my friend who's getting married? The one who asked if I'd get certified online to marry her and her fiance? WELL she told me that she needed someone to make wedding cupcakes for her wedding(and since I've helped with pretty much everything from decorating tips, to wedding songs, to ideas for center pieces) I'm kind of the wedding go to girl around here, since I've been to 235434654654665476 weddings :) Literally ha!

Well I got this BRIGHT idea that IIIIIIIIII, Lachele Daisy Louise Wickens could do 60 wedding cupcakes. How hard could making 60 cupcakes and decorating them be? Well, HA I'm not sure if she was just humoring me by saying I could do it, or if she was being serious, but she said YES.... I'm kind of freaking out. Her wedding is in Dec. I'm going to practice.... Wednesday maybe....

Ok, this is funny for SOOOOOOOOO MANY REASONS.

.I'm not really creative.
..I don't really have the attention span to do a good job on ALL 60 cupcakes(Maybe 20)..
...I have really no artistic ablity whatsoever :)...
....I get really excited and gung-ho on an idea, but then it always fizzles out....

What if I mess up?

---I can't even really bake a cake, let alone bake cupcakes AND decorate them---


How hard can it AAAAAAACTUALLY be?

This should be fun.... I hope C doesn't end up hating me if I do a bad job. I wish I was more creative. I told someone once that I like to "re finish" things, but I've never done it looks like fun... but I don't know if I have the proper attention span to complete it PROPERLY. Thats my big problem, is that I don't complete things properly. I just do a half ass job at the end of the day to finish it :) Ask my dad about the bird house, and cat scratchers I tried to make once....and I'm sure my YW scrapbook speaks for itself, oh ya and all my Textiles projects in highschool :)

Ha. Question is.. Do I take the challenge? Or do I back down and accept defeat? Who knows I very well could be the BEST cupcake decorator in Canada... Move over CAKE BOSS.... we got the CUPCAKE GURU... I can picture it now. Martha Stewart will be calling me for advice. :) I could make millions!

Maybe we'll see how the test cakes go, THEN we'll talk. I'll be sure to update you on this task :)


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