Monday, November 16, 2009

Elder Richard G Scott--FIRESIDE!

Oh man, I totally forgot about this. Friday night was AWESOME! So I had a meeting at 5 at the church so I just decided to stay at the church and get good seats--good seats I got :) I saved them for my friends, and it was awesome! I colored while I waited for Chels in traffic, and for T-boy who is the slowest of slow pokes(Congrats on him getting his car back from the hospital:)) ha ha! I had coloring books, and an activity book, crayons, and treats all lined up! T-boy got there, and we chatted, he watched me color, we played games on our phone, and had a wicked brother/sister bonding moment! I was so excited for him to be there with me. He's not into the whole "churchie" thing, and I'm really trying to be a good example to him(I don't think it's working, but I will prevail:)) He's such a good kid, he just struggles! I love to death! ANYWAYS!

Elder Scott walks in--He's alot shorter than I thought he would be--He was alot older looking than I thought he would be--He's an AMAZING man, who gave wonderful insight. We were able to have a question and answer period where we could ask him questions and he would give us answers. He told us to listen to the spirit, not what he was saying :) I learned alot that night from the spirit! I was pretty eager to know what T-boy thought, When I asked him he said "ew, lachele I smell like crayon" and "Wow,sis....Kman and I are like the hottest guys here" errrrrr Not excatly what I was looking for but we'll work on it!

I had such an amazing experience with my brother last night, and I'm so thankful for those small teaching opportunities I just hope he got as much out of it as I did. Every morning I will read A scripture to him :) A scripture a DAY keeps Satan AWAY :) haha <--- did you like that? I thought of it :)



chelseyk17 said...

so i love the fact that you call troy your brother. i have no idea who troy is, but the whole idea of you being brother and sister puts a smile on my face. brothers are so cool!

Lachele said...

I played football with YOUR brother joe yesterday at seminary...haha don't ask! I do like my brother troy. He's rad, if only you knew him :) ha ha