Friday, November 6, 2009


Haa.... I thought I was done with BDTS, guess not! So I totally forgot to blog about this until one of my friends was reading my other posts on him, and totally reminded me I have a part 3, that took place last friday night. Man, I love the awkward situations in my life. errrr. NOT!

Ok, so I went to that YSA activity for a bit with Mandy, Ju and Marinda... and we walked in and who was the first person I see? BDTS! Ugh, great He's not supose to be there...he's married(or going thru a divorce...whoops, did I mention that part. Well if not, he is ick) Anyways, so we clearly make eye contact and instead of being the ho that I am, I said hello.... HA! Big mistake!

BDTS:Wow, hey you! I haven't seen you in a while...
Me:Nope, I've been busy, how are you?
BDTS: that you're here...
----Gag me----
BDTS: So, do you still play football?
Me: Yup every saturday, are you coming tomorrow.
BDTS: Well if you'll be there, then yah I'm there ;)(then he was complimenting my football skill again... ha ha oh man)
Me: perfect
**I see a girl and commented on her costume, we struck up a convo, then she started talking to him and I BOLTED** GO ME!

------------ a little while later -------------------
after avoiding him for the better part of the rest of that 45 minutes I was there... he was standing by a friend of mine, and he said my name(but it was the wrong name) so I never answered. I was sitting on a chair and he......
BDTS(kneels down to eye level with me) I need to apologize to you...
Me: Why?
BDTS: cause I called you by the wrong name...
Me: Oh thats cool, I answer to anything that ends in Chelle.....
BDTS: No, it's not ok, a woman of your standard should be called by her proper name.

----- Mandy grabs me, and we leave..... LAUGHING our heads off-------

Is he for real? UGH! Troy thought it was pretty funny when I told him. errrrr :)

I hope ya'll got a good laugh outta that one, He never did show up to football, so we'll see if he comes tomorrow!



Sarah C said...

This poor boy.... seriously, he has issues. Obviously he managed to get married once, maybe he wasn't so mental the first time around. YIKES!!! Next time you see him, run... RUN!

Lachele said...

Ha.......he's on his SECOND marriage... ha ha yah! Big red flag. OH man! He's mental.... trust me! ha ha