Thursday, November 5, 2009

200 mile update!

Welllllll it's not 200 miles to go anymore. It's 192 :) Thats right I ran 8 miles since we've started and boy let me tell's hard work!

I was doing soooo well at running this time last year, and while I was training for my triathlon, but during the summer I stopped running as much, and I was just starting again in sept/oct. Well the last two weeks I've been sick(ps I go for my seasonal flu shot monday, be prepared for more whining cause I'll be sick :() But I had no energy to go to the gym, so I didn't. Last night was my first full workout since I have been sick and it was like I haven't been to the gym in a YEAR! It was awful. I made it thru last night, and I will make it thru tonight. I've got a stake RS Presidency meeting tonight but I fully plan on running tonight. And I've planned on going to the gym everyday except Sunday. That will be my rest day. I've been really trying hard to watch what I eat, but lets be honest it's just after halloween so sometimes I find myself snacking. I'm trying to stop :) Anyways wish me luck!


This has nothing to do with working out, but lately I've been going to bed early and getting a full nights sleep, but I still an exausted by the time I take my lunch, so much that I actually have to take a mid afternoon nap at 1. Now, I went to give blood a few weeks ago and was turned away because my iron was really low, so I'm thinking I just need to take some iron pills, and maybe a multivitamin, but does anyone else have any other suggestions for me? I'm getting sick of always being tired.


Sarah C said...

Ok, so I totally just had to read like 6 blog posts of yours! Wow... hello crazy blogger!

Ok, so PSI... I love my hair right now. It is getting so long, and I just got it cut/colored and it looks awsome!!

BTW, I did tell you not to cut your hair... over and over! You just don't listen to me! Crazy lady.

Good luck with the running... maybe I will join in next time around... no way I am attempting to run anything with only 3.5 weeks left until baby!!! ARRRGGHHH!

Hey, what did you ever do about getting a pet?

Lachele said...

Haaaa I know, I blog about the most randomest things ever too ha ha. I use to love reading married peoples blogs, but seriously single peoples blogs are just too funny! I definately blog stalk :)

Awww I wanna see your hair. I'm hoping that by this time next year my hair will be almost as lon as it was before I cut it the first time.!

Ha...true I shoulda listen after the first time. The first time it was way cute, but I cut it like 4 times in a month! errrr

Thanks, ya I'm going to need it. I'm just going to try and run every single day, and just keep up from where I left off, and hopefully after a month or so I'll stop hating running.. We can start a running race after baby is born :)

hmmmm....that idea kind of lost steam... we'll see how things go after christmas, I might get a hamster or something. My roomate just got fish, so I talk to them sometimes. Her one is crazy! I think it has a crush on me!