Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank you Security!

Well..... I don't wanna brag or boast, but since everyone wants to know how fantastic the concert was last night, I will have to do a little of both...

It was FAB!!! Oh man, the opening act Daruis Rucker, was ok...meh I wasn't feeling a cowboy in a baseball hat last night I guess, but he was good...

**We got free tix's thru work so we weren't expecting them to be VERY good, but still it was the fact that we were we weren't really complaining too much! That'd be rude :) ha ha! Anyways, I went with my friend Trish and her sister and her boyfriend Ian. Well Ian does part time security at the Saddledome where the concert was and when we got there he spotted two of his buddies doing security(they were wicked cute, and identical twins) CHAAAAAACHING! ha ha! :) Anyways, right before RF came out he came up to talk to us, and Ian was complaining about our seats, and so his buddy Tyler made a couple calls(on the radio) and said.... "alright girls, grab your stuff lets GO".... Go where??!?! CLOSER TO THE STAGE! Wahhhoooo we got freakin legit seats, and the concert was SO much better from there! We were probably in pretty expensive seats that we didn't even have to pay for! OH HEEEEEELLLLLLL YAH! So pretty much in the last two months I've been able to go to two concerts for free!

The concert wasn't as long as Keith, but it sure competed with AMAZINGNESS to Keith! Ahhhh soooooooo good! :)

I was singing my little heart out, so much that I couldn't talk after the concert and I even had some troubles today!

**Pictures will follow soon**


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