Thursday, September 3, 2009


--I learned how to change my blog background to cute ones.... I've changed it 10X's..... I will probably change it 10 more times before the end of the week....

--Mandy is in Ontario til Tuesday... I miss her already....

--Kyle is leaving for a backpacking trip for 5 days.....he's never backpacked before..his dad had to teach him how to set up his tent:) I love our convos late at night...he sets himself up to be the topic of my blog alot

--I'm going floating down the Bow Saturday and I'm excited about it.

--I played racketball for the first time ever last night, it was pretty rad, I will be going again, my forearms are uber sore. I didn't die either :)

--I love booster Juice. Orangcicle with energy boost :)

--I am excited to go see time travellers wife with Lauren tonight.

--I'm excited to try and find a highschool to coach basketball at...

--I think it's funny that Troys ex gf thought we were dating cause I said thanks for buying me a slurpee on his FB wall....CRAZY!

--I wish my hair was longer, I miss my uber long hair...

--I love blog posts that are -- form, makes it so much easier unless I have a story to tell.

--I'm excited for Welcome Week next week...I hope theres new boys in my ward now that schools started again..

--I'm excited for my Vegas Trip with Mandypants!

--I love life right now, it doesn't always go the way you want it to go, but you learn so much.

--I love Mallorie...and the convos we have, and the fact that she lets me TALK and TALK and TALK her ear off for an hour :)