Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So I haven't really seen BDTS lately.... he didn't come to football on Saturday! ...Do I wish I had something to do with that--YES... I made it quite clear I was less than interested

....I finally found out where he ACTUALLY lives.... yah, he can see my front door from his... C R E E P Y

.Monday night I was on my way to FHE. I got in my jeep and his car was there, I finished up a text message. His car was gone. hmmm he totally saw me!

..I leave my community and who BLAZES past me like a bat outta hell? BDTS.. He didn't even yield to me like he was supose to. Garunteed he was just trying to get my attention.. L.A.M.E.. I almost gave him the middle finger, but instead I decided to act like a lady and bust out to some NKOB. I passed him cause he decided to drive like a grandpa.... I look over and smile polietly(of course..I'm nothing less than polite) HA! He gives me a half smile and a "I'm too cool wave"..... TOOL :) ha ha! He followed me from Crowchild, to Glenmore all the way to 14th St. I figured he was going to the same place I was( My bff and his bff live in the same apt complex.) I called Mandy and told her she had to be outside waiting, cause I wasn't stopping. She was JUMPING into the jeep and we were gone.

And so it was. I haven't seen him since. Probably a good thing!


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