Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to the Future thru Enrichment

So, as most of you know I'm the Enrichment Councillor in my Relief Society Presidency, and Enrichment is a chance for the women in the Church to get together and come unto Christ. So I have a pretty big responsibility that rests on my shoulders. We are encouraged by the First Presidency to hold ATLEAST 4 yearly activities, but may hold as many as we want. It's pretty hard in a family ward to get sisters together to do something every month, but have you tried getting a group of single young adult Women together on the same night? HA! It's almost impossible, so in our ward we've implimented serveral "mini enrichments" every month; may it be: book clubs, running, cooking, crafts, etc. That way you can choose what interests you and meet people with the same interests. It's a great tool, and so far we've had a huge success.

So along with these mini enrichments we've had we also have our Quarterly Activities where we try to involve every sister in the ward. We're a little behind and only working on our second quarterly activity for the year, yes you might say I'm a slacker, but I'm ok with this, we had a FANTASTIC March 17th Relief Society Party...where we gave the sisters tools to become 10 cow women(from Johnny Lingo) we had an amazing dinner and fabulous speakers. I wasn't really in any rush to top that off, and so I haven't......until NOW! My creative juices have been flowing for a few weeks to put together a 'back to the future' R.S Retreat, and the back to the future part is that we're going to be having a YOUNG WOMENS CAMP. In our church we have a program called the "Young Womans" program for youth aged girls 12-18. They hold weekly Mutual activities, they get together and go to the Temple, they do service projects and they meet each Sunday during the last hour and are taught my amazing women. Growing up I always looked forward to YW Camp for serveral reasons. 1. I'm pretty sneaky and always had something up my sleeve 2. it was always such a fun week during the summer 3. the food/activities were always amazing and 4. I learned alot of things that I wouldn't have learned any other way.

Since it's the beginning of the semsester we've had an abundance of new sisters move into our ward, and I think this will be a great tool for introducing them to our ward, and getting them out there. It will also give us as a presidency a chance to learn the talents and the strengths of sisters in the ward. I'm so excited. This Camp is going to include: Good food, 'old school' movie skits, crafts, pranks, good company, CAMP AWARDS and of course girl talk! I'm still trying to hatch out all the broad details to take to my Enrichment Committee, and I will definately keep you all updated on how this pans out. It's going to be Oct 16-17th at a Sister in the Family Ward's house. She's been so gracious to lend us her home.

If any of you have ideas' I'd love some feed back!


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