Tuesday, September 22, 2009

....The game is on......

I've been talking alot about getting in contact with a couple highschools in regards to coaching. WELL.... the GAME IS ON! I've finally got my lazy butt in gear and have made contact with...... well only one school...... but thats a start! I'll be coming in contact with a couple others about the possiblity of a coaching job. I'm excited, I have butterflies cause I'm nervous, I'm scared(highschool girls...nuff said).... and I'm just plain GIDDY!!!! I love basketball, and now that I'm an old washed up baller(not even) and can't play anymore, I might as well just do the next best thing and COACH!

Here's to playing the waiting 'game' now, and see what they say. Some highschools are very particular with who they allow to coach, and there always has to be a member of the schools faculity on the coaching staff, so chances are I'll be coaching with a teacher which is fine! The first school I've contacted is Ernest Manning, cause Kman and T-boy went there, and maybe if I throw their names around(cause they were big FOOTBALL STARS they might be more inclined to give me the job)
ha ha, I'll use them if I have too.. ha ha

Wish me luck!

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