Monday, August 24, 2009

folllllllllllllow up with pictures!

Gracias to Mandy for remembering to bring her camera...since mine has been busted I've had to rely on others to bring their cameras, and I'll probably just end up buying a new camera because it will probably cost more to fix mine than its worth! So here is what I did this weekend.....

Saturday we went to Chestermere Lake with the ward for a boating activity, and the color of our faces describes the type of day we had.... We had some tube wars, it was pretty wicked.... I got rocked pretty hard but it was a blast...good food, good company= a successful saturday afternoon on the lake(no pictures yet,I'll have some soon....)

Saturday night we went to the Calgary Tower for Mandy's birthday which was a total blast! I've never been up there and I didn't really know what to expect but it was wicked. The glass floor creeped the heck out of me, so I wouldn't stand on it....maybe next time! We stayed up there for about an hour or so and got to see some fireworks from global fest. Next year for stampede we're going to watch the grandstand show :)

Here's Kyle(right) and Mike(left)
They so graciously accompanied us to the Tower and they were good sports about taking candid pictures, funny face pictures, and group pictures. I don't think I've ever mentioned Mike on my blog but he's been a way good friend for a while, and Kyle is one of my good friends

Just me and Mandy.... look how red we were.... I probably shouldn't have worn purple...since obviously purple and red don't look good together!! I also have some flat hair goin on..... and it's really blonde lately.... hmmmm :)

We didn't leave the tower til almost 11, so instead of going back home to make white chocolate brownies we just ended up at Moxies and they made them for us! They were delish! I got a little bored so we started taking some random pics.... this is probably the most classiest one...the others are nutso!

Just Kyle, Mike and I.....aren't they just studs?

Well, thats my Saturday night... I think it was a pretty good one. I slept like a baby that night!

I had a very chill Friday night....I just watched half of a couple movies with Kman, and ate junkfood, and watched him break Mandys roomates cups....HA!

Sunday, was awesome... I got to crash a guys night... and I ate a steak dinner at Kman house( That was the first time I've eaten steak in FIVE years...maybe longer... It was sure good!)

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