Monday, August 24, 2009

This week.........

I don't know why I always insist on blogging about the things I'm doing in the next week or so....but maybe if I make myself sound like I'm cool.... I might actually be cool......

Tonight I'm playing some basketball....for those of you who know me...or have read my blog at all...know I LOOOVE basketball just a little bit.... ok alot! No big deal..but I get to play tonight.. some guys in my ward and I have made it a monday night ritual and we're going to make sure it continues.

Tomorrow night I'm having a bubble tea date with my way good friend Clark, who leaves to go back to Rexburg soon :(

Wed in my Dad's birthday.... 56.... holy cow! ha ha
I'll post more about him later :) I love him!

Friiiiiiiiiday I'm going home to Taber with Mandy, I'm soooo excited to take her to Taber because :


Oh helllllll yeah! I missed it last year because I was down in Utah.... but this year I'm going and some of my friends are coming down to hang out. Mandy is coming home with me friday night after work, then hopefully some more will come Saturday. I'm excited to go to the car show in the morning with my dad(we do it every year) and then floating down the barnwell canal in the afternoon......,then going on rides, watching all the bands, dancing on the corn stage, watching the drunks in the beer gardens, and watching the fireworks on the baseball diamond and last but certainly not least :

eating a whole lotta this! I had my first cob of the season last night at Kman's house... This year has been a little odd because of the rain, I remember eating this everyday for the whole month of August when I was little cause farmers would give my dad crazy amounts!

I love being from a small town! I love that I'm from Taber, and I love that I'm going to be around for Cornfest this year!


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